Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outer Banks Trip Part 1-Beach Babes

We had such a wonderful time in North Carolina with Ryan and his family and Derek and the Applewhites. It was really spectacular and definately somewhere we would love to go again. We discovered that the girls are not only mountain, arctic, and swamp girls, but they are quite naturally beach babes as well. We wished Bryan was there to join in the fun, but this gives us an excuse to return!
We did so much while we there-we took a tour of the Currituck Sound Lighthouse, we took a wild horse tour, we had many many hours of beach time, and did lots and lots of relaxing. These are just a few pictures of the girls...I will have to make this a 2 (or 3) part series to get all these pictures uploaded...

Morgan was having the time of her life digging in the sand
Skylar and Morgan knee deep in it
Our Little Mermaid
Uncle Derek playing in the sand with Stella, Skylar and Morgan
Morgan and Uncle Derek taking Ace for his beach walk
Skylar watering...the beach

Morgan loving the waves of the ocean


Anytime, anywhere-it's naptime!

Mud girl-she got the biggest kick out of covering herself with mud.