Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh come all ye Faithful...

Well, today we took an all day trip to Yellowstone and got to see the All-Mighty Old Faithful in all its glory! And it was so cool! In Morgan's words, "WHOA!" She thought it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we are going to be taking it easy with perhaps another Nemo swimming day and then Saturday it's fasten your seatbelts-we're comin' home! Pray for us-it is a long drive! And we could very well loose our minds!

Here we are with Old Faithful behind us in slumber...

And here he is right on time for the 2:20 viewing...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We found a Nemo pool at Kohl's before we left so we blew that bad boy up today and had a great time watching Morgan and Skylar kick and splash. Today was a relaxing day catching up on our naps-Morgan took a 3 hour nap and Skylar has been down 3 hours and counting...
This was how we spent our morning-

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gondola Ride!

Today we went into Teton Village and rode the Gondola up to the top and had lunch. Morgan wanted to ride over and over-convincing her that George (a.k.a. Curious George for those that aren't familiar with the obsession) had done it. She loved it because every gondola had a great big steamboat on it (the bucking horse)! On the way down Bryan saw a moose, so he is now satisfied that he has seen every wild animal that he has ever wanted to on North America (well, except a wild boar, but he had that for lunch!).

Here we are at the top of one of the Grand Tetons looking down on Teton Village.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Checking in from Idaho

Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop in and say hi! Our trip is going well and we are all realaxing and having a great time. The trip here to Driggs took 10 hours from door to door-Morgan and Skylar did amazingly well! Thank goodness for DVD players! So we spent Saturday driving (I really don't want to drive back. I wish I were Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched and I could just wiggle my nose and we would be home) and we spent Sunday relaxing and checking out the town of Driggs. We all seemed to have blinked at the same time because we missed it and had to turn around to see it again. HAHA! But it is a small little town-they do have a stop light though! We found a place for lunch that was authentic Mexican food and it was sooooo yummy. Bryan and I vote it top 5 best we have had! The weather here is really amazingly pleasant. In the mid 70's most of the day and the nights are cool-we may be retiring like 50 years!

Today we headed into Jackson and spent the day perusing the shops having ice cream and playing at the park.

This is a picture of Morgan "showing us her pretty smile." Which, by the way this picture was taken during the last leg of the trip and she was actually still smiling!
Morgan enjoying the sunshine and the park in Jackson
She is actually enjoying herself...I promise!
A view of the Tetons from the car on our way through the park en route to Driggs, ID
Here is a picture of the house we are renting for the week. It is so cute and the perfect house! We love it! It is newly built 3 bedroom with a creek running through and a walking trail. Do we have to come home?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom has a birthday!

Freedom has a birthday and it's the 4th of July people! Happy Independence day to all of you. Here are a few pictures from this morning's extravaganza at the local park here. Free ice cream, playing in the sand and a tour of the fire truck-so much fun and just so tiring!

And as for Skylar well, she started out strong...

but in the end, neither of them knew what they were in for...