Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dancing Sisters

Morgan has been in dance class for 4 weeks now and she is getting more and more comfortable with it. I took a few video clips this last time so you could see how cute they are. "They" you ask? Well, yes. Morgan did not like the fact that I was dropping her off and leaving, and how do you expect a little- almost 2 year old- like Skylar to sit still and watch while 3-5 year olds are dancing around and tumbling about. Yeah, it's not gonna happen. So, super nice dance teacher let Skylar participate this week, and I must say she is really good. For an almost 2 year old she listens very well, and participates more than some of them. One of those being Morgan. Morgan is a perfectionis. I do not know where she gets it, but that's my girl. So you will see a lot of standing around, but she is just soaking it all in. When we get home she does all the moves and tells me all about it. Not Skylar. She just puts herself out there. She's not scared!

Forgive the video. This is a reflection through the mirror. It was difficult to be discreet and if they saw me taking video it would be all over at the Alamo my friends!

Another one of them bustin' a move!

Dancing with the hobby horses. This would be Morgan's all time favorite at dance class! Notice she is not passing up the opportunity to get a good long look in the mirror. She is so her father's child. He would be so proud!

Skylar is usually completely wiped out after dance class. It is hard for her to be that good and listen for that long. Being almost 2 is a hard job. But she knows when to step it up and when to bring her 'A' game!

Morgan has decided that dance class is super cool and told me last time when I stayed to watch, "Mommy, I am just really glad that you were able to stay and watch me at dance class." Yes, my sweet, sweet child. So am I. So am I.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Duck Pond

Every Sunday we get a special treat! Ok, a couple of special treats. The girls only get to see Bryan Thursday night (Friday and Saturday nights of home games) and Sunday nights. Well, okay and wee hours in the morning if they happen to make it into our bed while we aren't looking. So, we make the most out of those special times. Sundays are family night at the football office and they have dinner catered in for us. There is also a duck pond on campus that we found and there are lots of ducks and they are always hungry! So, when the weather cooperates we go feed the ducks before we go feed ourselves and see daddy.

The first time we went the girls were slightly overwhelmed, but now they are naturals and they quack back! Ducks are smart animals. When they see small children they know they will get fed. They watch poor college students walk by and they don't bat an eye (these ducks know), but they see small children and parents and they will hover and quack and sometimes peck at you for the bread. They know who has the goods and who doesn't.

The girls hear, "Quack, quack, quack," but all I hear from these ducks is, "SUCKA!"

It is always fun and the girls look forward to it all day. And seeing daddy and company is always a thrill too. The girls love to see the other assistant coaches and families. Lots of kids on the staff=good times!

And a little video for your viewing pleasure-

Crunching the Leaves

We have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather here and have been playing in the leaves every chance we get. The girls love to hear them crunch and they love trying to "put the leaves back on the trees." Although I have explained the progression of the seasons, they insist, so I let them-cause it's cute.

Fall is fun!

I love fall!

And it was even nice enough to get out the slide. While it wasn't as fun when you don't get to land in the pool, it is still fun to land in the crunchy leaves!

Hope you are all out enjoying your fall foliage too!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Children's Museum

It was a little cold and windy here this week so we had some fun indoors. We explored the children's museum here in town and the girls nursed some sick animals back to health. They had tons of fun and will be enjoying the membership pass!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rocky Creek Farm

Today was pumpkin patch day with Morgan's preschool and Skylar and I got to tag along and see what this farm was all about. And it was really a cool place!

We went on a hay ride and got to pick out our very own pumpkins!

We brought a few apples from out neighbors tree and got to see them make cider out of it-way super cool!!! And we got to sample it with our pumpkin cookies that Morgan's super awesome teacher baked for us-it was delicious!

They had a few tree swings the girls went on for a while. Skylar thought these were the best things ever!

And Morgan thought the Clifford swing was really somethin' special. I am pretty sure she liked the sound of the mud beneath her toes. And the fact that it spun around in circles while she pounded the mud beneath her toes. And the fact that she knew she had her mud boots on so her toes would not get dirty while she did all of this.

They had goats too. And Morgan thought they were cool. Although, you can almost hear the thoughts running through her head, "Why would you want to let yourselves get so dirty? Don't you know how dirty you are?" And Skylar thought they were cute until one of them trotted over and hopped up onto the hail bail you see next to the fence and was eye-level with her.

"How could you momma, how could you let that goat do that to me?" Ugh-tough stuff this motherhood can be sometimes. It's faces like this that just really get your goat-blah haha! I made a funny-get it-GOAT!?

And what a classic fall shot this is, right? Perfect fall day at Rocky Creek Farms.

A visit from the Applewhite's

We had some company this last weekend and we had such a great time! Uncle Derek came into town from North Carolina and Grandma, GG, and Papa were also here from Colorado. We picked Derek up from the airport and aside from seeing Skylar on Skype he hasn't seen her since she was 4 weeks old. Well, it would have been the perfect commercial for Skype. Skylar saw Uncle Derek walking through the tunnel at the airport and she took off running after him and greeted him with a big Skylar hug! It was priceless.

We had big plans for showing off Montana, but the weather had plans of it's own. It was a whopping 20 (and that was pushing it) most of the weekend, so we stayed in and watched football and played with the girls-which was okay with everyone!

The girls read lots and lots of books with everyone! Morgan played lots of basketball, and Skylar just talked. And talked. And talked. And when she ran out of things to say she sang. This is what she does. And they got a peek into the everyday life of us.

We also managed to get a great 4 generation picture too! We always say we are going to and it never works out, but this time we got one and it turned out great! Truly a special moment. And truly a great weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon

Skylar loves watermelon!!!!
She loves everything about it.
She loves that it's messy and juicy. Especially that it's messy and juicy!!!
She loves that it's totally hands on. And that no one else has to help her eat it.
She loves that we love to watch her eat it.And she loves that she gets to eat as much as she wants to.
The end.