Monday, April 26, 2010

Warhawk Weekend

The weather was amazing, the scrimmage was fun, the crawfish were boiling and the baseball game was great! All in all it was a jam-packed, rootin' tootin' Louisiana Saturday night!

The girls were all ready and geared up in their new ULM dresses to cheer on the Warhawks.

Bryan gettin' his game on.

Rock on Soul sister!

Not interested in the paparazzi...hmm...that's unusual.

There's Baby Gaga loving the camera!

After the scrimmage...thought we may as well take advantage of our coordinating outfits. Cheese!

And after all was said and done the girls had seen all that they could see.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monroe Zoo Boat Ride

Skylar and Morgan LOVE the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. They have only watched it a few times but the music is fantastic and extremely catchy. We went to the zoo the other day while Bryan had a spring vacation day and they have a little boat ride you can take at the zoo. The girls absolutely love it and Skylar sang, "Going down the Bayou" from the movie for at least the first 5 minutes. Just that line...over and over...and over.While it doesn't look as though she is having any fun at all I asure you she is. She is just thinking about what she is going to sing, say, shout, or whisper next. Chances are it won't be a whisper. Not with Skylar. And I am pretty sure after 5 minutes of "Going down the Bayou" it was 5 minutes of her own rendition of "Puff the Magic Dragon."And Morgan loves the island monkeys that put on a show for you if you clap and hoot and hollar for them! They are pretty cute!

Monday, April 5, 2010


New Orleans

Last week we took at trip to NOLA with my Dad, Mo and Jana and had a great time touring The French Quarter, took a boat ride down the Mighty Mississippi and our family friend Gaynell was kind enough to give us a tour of the city and give us a glimpse of all of the regrowth and past devastation in NOLA. We also stayed in Ann's cousin Teri's condo and it was fabulous. We had a great view of the Bayou right behind us and a great park that the girls enjoyed one day. We had a wonderful time!