Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The cuties!

So, we have, once again taken Denver by storm and we are having a blast! Here are a few pictures of the past week or so...
Skylar has taken after her sister Morgan and LOVES dipping now! So a big pile of ketchup and some chicken nuggets and we are good to go! So her new nickname is THE BIG DIPPER! And this picture was taken only seconds before her whole arm went into the ketchup-just another outfit destined for the "play clothes" pile. You can always judge fun by how dirty you are at the end of the day!

And this picture quality is not so good, but this would be another "famous" Denver landmark-The Penny Horse. I am not sure if they are still in every King Soopers but they were at this one so we had to get the girls riding them. It was only a penny! Please disregard Morgans hair-fresh up from a nap-I really do brush it...

And of course Skylar got a turn too! And loved it. She had gone on it a week or so before, but wasn't as exctied. But this time she knew what she was doing and had a great time. THat face is worth a poor image quality!

And yesturday we went to the Zoo and met our good friends the Germers there. It was great seeing them and we had tons of fun looking at all of the animals and riding the carosel. And the weather was perfect! Almost HOT!! We usually ride the train but we rode the carosel for the first time on this trip and they got to sit in the peacock seat. THey loved looking at all of the animals on the carosel and going around and around and around (mommy got a little dizzy). And it was, of course St. Patty's Day so we were all in green. And see-I do comb her hair-I told you!

Another shot of the carosel ride. It is a rule amongst siblings that they don't look at the camera at the same time...I am convinced!

And Morgan loved standing on the fence watching the elephants. And when we walked by a second time they were getting hosed down-she thought that was pretty cool!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Few Pictures

So we have just been having a great time watching the girls grow up and getting TONS of family time-I am sure they are wondering how long we are going to keep this up! Ha! Til we have somewhere else to go-but for now we are here and we are soaking up every last second of it. Skylar has been having a few issues, but we are thinking they are possibly allergy related-dust or horses or something like that. So she is seeing an allergist next week to hopefully rule out a few things and narrow something down. The poor girl has been in and out of the Dr. office the past couple of months an nothing seems to be working.
Enough about all that boring stuff-here are some pictures...
Ok, so not the best picture, but totally worth uploading! They were seriosly precious holding hands in the back-and it wasn't even my idea! They just love each other THAT much! I know, I know, times-they are a changin', but for now-simply precious!

And what's cuter than a sleeping baby?!? All this running around and visiting with grandmas and grandpas wears a girl right out!
And this would be Morgan blowing all of you a BIG FAT KISS! We love you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day at the zoo

Last week we went to the zoo and it was so much fun! We had tried to go on Tuesday but there were so many people and school buses of kids that it was a little too crazy to brave, so we went to the park and had lunch instead (it was like 70 degrees here that day)! So we tried again on Wednesday and it was perfect! The weather was great and there weren't too many people. The girls got a huge kick out of the monkeys (surprise) and enjoyed walking about and looking at all the different animals. Here are a few pictures from the day:
I don't know what Morgan's favorite animal of the day was but I think the penguins were up there on the list. She loved watching them dive into the water and then get out and shake their little butts! We watched them for a good 30 minutes!
Okay so anyone who has ever been to the Denver Zoo recognizes these! And probably has a picture with them-no matter how old you are-they have been there forever! She was brave enough to get on them and loved the covered wagon but this was the shot we got.

This picture cracked me up! I was showing her the map and explaining to her where all of the different animals were on the map, so she walked around looking at the map and pointing out where all the animals were to me the rest of the afternoon.