Friday, August 28, 2009

Part 5 of...I think 5 for now

This is hilarious to me. This is what having kids is all about. You can weld their little minds to do all sorts of cute funny things and you can tell them that something is and they do believe that it is! I love it! This is why I have children. Well, and for holidays and other occasions so I can do stuff like this:
And this:
And let us not forget this:
Anyway...I digress. Here is the video. Again you will have to just pump up the volume, cause it is a stretch. After you watch I will tell you what she said.

I taught her this while we were running errands this morning. I guess the car is a great learning environment for some reason, kinda like the throne is a great place to think. Anyway, anyway, back to it. She started by asking me what a bobcat DOES. And I said well, I know what they say, but I didn't really want to get into the whole predator vs. prey thing, but then I thought about a second longer and came up with "they beat the griz!" Man, pat myself on the back, I taught her a great new thing that will be a hit and just in time for this weekends Bobcat football BBQ!

Part 4 of...

This one is a stretch, but if you can hear her Morgan is spelling her name! We were in the car the other day and she just randomly spit it out and I almost hit the curb and a cow. I was so excited for her to be able to spell her own name, and now we (sort of) have it on video. You have to turn up the speakers really high and listen very closely. Sorry for my arm in the way. I was trying to be subtle and the camera was just sitting on the counter. So don't mind me.

Part 3 of...

Here is a little of the two of them. Skylar, you can tell, is not camera shy and thus Morgan loosened up to it too at this point in the program. Good thing Morgan starts Preschool soon. She will have a song and dance program somewhere other than the tub. Time to get these girls socialized!!!!!! And don't mind Skylar when Morgan does ABC's-she is telling Morgan to, "stop singing!"

Part 2 of ...

Here is Morgan bustin' out a little Bob Marley and "3 Little Birds." I apologize for the black screen but at this point she hadn't quite opened up and was a bit camera shy. Don't you worry you will have much more with audio AND video.

Part 1 of...

I will now start a series of videos of my children singing and doing otherwise cute stuff that cannot be captured on still frame lenses. This is the first one. Morgan singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Please enjoy.

Dearest Crayola,

We had lunch outside the other day after a LOOOOOOOONG morning of painting with the neighbors. Mostly because I wasn't prepared to clean up another mess. You will see why in a moment. Oh, nevermind. You can see now.

Well, the lunch mess is part of it. As you can see PB and honey all over Skylar's face. And let me say this picture doesn't do her skin justice. And that is not a mad face. That is a face full of peanut butter and honey and grapes...lots and lots of grapes. And, by her skin I am not referring to the sun reflecting the real skin tone but I am referring to this:

Paint. Thank you Crayola for making washable paints, because my 20 month old doesn't care that her shorts are Gap brand and that her shirt is Old Navy. Even if they are hand-me-downs they are still nice. But no fear! They are not ruined. As you can see she really doesn't care that her skin is slightly stained. Thank you again Crayola for leaving the lead out...I think...I should check the recalls. Goodbye for now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Bobcats!!

So, while Bryan's mom and Grandmother were here last week we went to the campus bookstore and loaded up on Bobcat gear for everyone. I got a sweatshirt and the girls got sweatshirts, foam cat paws, pom poms and megaphones.Well, I guess it's a really good thing we have a month to figure out what to do with these!

Air Force One

We had the great pleasure of hosting our nations president this afternoon in Bozeman, Montana. We really wanted to attend and I had every intention of going down to the courthouse yesturday for my 2 free tickets, but alas...I do not make the rules. Skylar decided that she wanted to nap until 5:45pm, so we were never able to get our tickets. We made the most of it, however and watched all the helos fly over our house all morning (Morgan and Skylar waved every chance they could) and we also waved to The President onboard Air Force One. Morgan immediately said, "I want to go see him. I want to go see Barack Obama. I miss him, mommy I want him to come over and spend the night."
"Well, my sweet sweet child, he is incredibly busy fighting important issues like HelathCare reform."
"Oh, well, maybe after that then" she says.
Needless to say we watched his town hall meeting on the local new channel. It was a pleasure!

I thought it was only fitting that the helo was in perfect frame to grab the American Flag. What a shot.
Oh, man, what a sight. It literally gave me chills to see such a magnificent plane holding our nations president. And for him to be flying right over our house was awesome! Welcome to Bozeman, Montana Mr. President.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dude, I am so old!

Okay, well I feel old anyway. I am writing this on the eve of my 29th birthday and I am feeling super old. We went to the park the other day and I tried to get on the swing to show Morgan how to pump her legs and I thought my head was going to fling off my body. I got so light headed and dizzy and had motion sickness so bad I almost blew chunks. Okay, well not that bad, but kind of. Any way, so I was explaining this to my brother-in-law, Derek, via Skype and he said it is actually something that happens to you as you get older. Oh, well good then I am glad it isn't just me, but darn it if that didn't solidify my wonderings. I am getting old. So he explained to me that there is fluid between your brain and your skull and when you get older there is less fluid so your brain doesn't have as much "cushion" as it once did-or something like that I can't remember-I started day dreaming about the good ol' days when I used to talk to my girlfriends about going out to party or how hot some guy was. Now we talk about the newest novel to hit the best-sellers list and how we still have all that extra skin from where our babies stretched us out and no matter how many ab crunches we do it never seems to go away. Oh well. I think that is pretty much what Derek said.

So then, I was daydreaming about the 80's, my prime, when in walks Morgan looking like this. And man, did that bring it back for me. Could not have said it better myself. The layered headband. The Whitney Houston look she's got going on. There is so much in this picture that was so right. And so much that is so wrong. But I like the message she is getting across here-"No Boys Allowed." That is actually a door hanger. But she can use it as a necklace. Sure. Go for it. Accessorize.

Well, then, in walks Skylar. Love it. They are so my 80's girls. And they definately make the fact that my tummy still has stretched out skin that won't go away even with 1000 sit ups perfectly okay. I still have one more year of 20 somethings to get rid of it...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grotto Falls

Today we went and had a family hiking trip up at the beautiful and all inclusive Grotto Falls hidden perfectly in the Hyalite Canyon. It was spectacular! There was beauty all around us. Bryan had never been hiking-I know-WHAT!?! That is precisely what I said! He then went on to say, "It's not like I have never been on a hiking trail, I just was always on horseback." Oh, well, pardon me! Ok, well I guess that is cool. Anyway, so we had a great time-it was a 2.5 mile trail, so the girls walked a little and Bryan and I took turns pushing the 70+ pound stroller with them in it up the mountian, because as you know, it isn't like one wants to ride while the other would rather walk. Nope. So not how children work. If one wanted to ride so did the other, so we got our gleutius MAXimus' (I should only speak for myself here where MAX is concerned) in good shape today. Morgan and Skylar both really liked being in the outdoors and soaking up the great sunshine and surroundings.

We had a great lunch on the lake and the girls enjoyed throwing rocks into the water. Let me rephrase that. Morgan had fun throwing rocks half her size in the water and Skylar enjoyed tempting fate by almost throwing herself into the water. She doesn't have that down quite yet.

Bryan was pretty much in complete agony here. Can't you see the pain on his face? He had bitten his lip for about the 34th time and was bleeding and swelling as he sat there, which is why he is trying to ignore the fact that I am taking his picture. Skylar is just doing what she does-ignoring me-hey wait-it must be hereditary!

While we were down by the water after lunch these two men were canoeing past my scenery and I couldn't help but take this picture. It was too perfect. Wow, what a view!

They were both looking at the camera!! And I still had it set to take distant scenery pictures. Ahhh! One of these days the stars will be in perfect alignment and I will get a good one. If it's the last thing I do! Doesn't it even look like they are even holding hands. I assure you they are not, but cute nonetheless.

This is Grotto Falls. Isn't she lovely? I fell in love. I had to get a closer look. Bryan didn't think it was safe, especially in my new tennis shoes, but I assured him it was okay, "'case I got 'em at Ross for like $25 bucks." Then I made him go up and get a closer look and he thanked me after he did it.

I love the mossy blankets reflecting the sun's rays. Did you see how clear and beautiful the water is? Even Bryan said, "Did you get a picture of how clear the water is?" I think he liked his nature walk. I think he liked feeling like a granola eating, tree hugging hippie dude. 'Cause he also kept saying, "Your brother would really like it up here." And I agree. He really really would.

My little mountain bug with her binkie and monkey. She loved playing in the little stream running along the trail. She was kind of dirty when she pulled her hands up and actually wanted me to wipe them off, which was uncharacteristic and I was wondering if she was lacking oxygen, but then she dropped her binkie in the stream and picked it right up and put it in her mouth, so then I was ok. Whew! Close call.

My Jeremiah Johnson. Next time we're gonna leave him up there with a pocket knife and see if he can't catch us a bear.