Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our new Crib!

Hey Y'all! Well, I am happy to report that we have a stylin' new crib! It has been a crazy month for the Applewhites, but we are happy to say that Bryan got a new job coaching for ULM (U. of Louisiana at Monroe), we found a new house, put it under contract, and are happily packing for our cross country move down south. I have never lived outside of the Rocky Mountains and I really have never been to the south (I don't count Florida as the south and 24 hours for a football game doesn't really count either). I spent the last week in Monroe and I am totally impressed! Our realtor was amazing, the area is fantastic and we are so excited to get good and settled. Here are a few pictures of the new house.

Here is the outside of the house-front and back. And it has a screened in porch in the back-woot woot!! Killer bugs and gators can't get us in there-LOL! There are lots of trees in the back to block that HOT afternoon sun.

The living space-kitchen, nook, dining room, butler pantry and family room. I love that we have a fireplace. It kinda makes me laugh. We live in Montana where it didn't get about freezing for over a month (or above -10 for a week) and we didn't have a fireplace. Ever single house we looked at in Monroe had a fireplace.

The bedrooms. The master is nice and BIG and we will have a bathroom all to ourselves again-woot woot! Sharing a bathroom with 2 toddler girls kinda cramped my style. The girls will share a bedroom again and may even graduate to some bigger beds. We are going to have the 2 blue bedrooms painted before we get there.