Saturday, January 24, 2009

No photos just an update-

Sorry, we are without internet and computer right now so no photos, just a post. The move went well with few bumps in the road. Closing went great and we are in Colorado now. We are enjoying the time with our family and friends but we also hope that there is something coming our way that will move us! Sad to say we want to get outta here! That would mean we have a place to live!
I will also share with you one little story that sweet little Morgan said. It was last Thursday night and we were packing up all of our stuff for the moving truck the next morning. It was crazy chaos with boxes and messes everywhere. It was a rough day for all of us. The "zero" hour growing ever so near and the thought of leaving all of our friends and the birthplace of our children was become more and more of a reality. And out from the living pops Morgan with a very overwhelmed and concerned look on her face and here is what she had to say:

"Mommy...PLEASE don't put me in a box."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Little Baker!

Well, we had fun tonight making cookies. We may just have a baker despite my inabilities!! It was fun from start to finish and we had a great time taste testing-the best part of baking them! And if you know my kids you know that peanut butter was a hit! Hello!

And I think I am spoiling her for life with the Kitchen Aid! She will never mix her own batter!
Ahhhh! The best part!
And while Skylar is not quite old enough to do the baking she made one heck of a taste tester! And of coarse looked good doing it! She is great with clean up too! Hands on! Up on top of the dishwasher she will get her hands dirty to get the job done!