Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A visit to see Santa

What holiday season is complete without a visit to the mall to see good ol' Mr. Claus? Daddy was home for the weekend from Phoenix, so he got to join us for the big day!
There was a cute little desk by where Santa was to sit down and write your letter to Santa. We drew pictures for him...and Morgan practiced writing her name.
Then she stuck it in the Santa mailbox so he could see it after he was done visiting with all the boys and girls.

See? Pretty cute, huh?

Then Skylar drew her picture for Santa...

Skylar was pretty excited to mail her picture to Santa too!

Then we got to wait in line to see Santa. We got to the mall nice and early and there was no line, so we were right up front.

Well, Santa was a little late, but luckily one of Morgan's classmates was in line with us so they danced and played chase and did a little ring-around-the-rosy. And Skylar thought that was pretty fun too. They also got fruity Mentos while they were waiting and that was super cool!

Morgan and her new friend and classmate did lots of dancing. But it was more along the lines of Morgan pulling him around the mall. But, hey, that's what girls do-and that's what boys like. And that's what counts. And it kept them all happy until Santa arrived.

Santa called the girls up and Morgan was totally into it. Skylar took one look at him and headed for the door, but after he gave her a giant candy cane they were officially friends again. They both told Santa what they wanted: Morgan-a stationary bike and a yoga mat; Skylar-a book and a baby. It was a fun time had by all.

After the Santa sighting we continued the festivities and had some lunch at Fuddruckers with Morgan's classmate. And this is the perfect age-they get to think they are playing super cool video games-and the parents get out of there for free! Good times! Merry Christmas!