Friday, June 19, 2009

The Water Fountian Park

Well, we got to see my grammy and a couple of my cousins yesturday before the big departure. We met at the "water fountian park" which I think is actually Cornerstone Park in Englewood and we had a great time! The girls enjoyed dodging the water and playing in the sand and we actually got to enjoy our picnic. Every time we eat lunch there it seems there is a terrible wind storm while we eat, so it was quite a treat! And a great day!

A great shot of Morgan and Skylar in action! Be glad there is no audio on this! The screeching is SO high pitched and loud!

On second thought, let's take a looksie...

Just taking it all in!

Morgan was pretty much screaming the whole time. And the funny thing is she loves coming to this park, but rarely does she get a single drop of water on her! It is really entertaining! She was slightly braver this day than previously, but she MAYBE got 10 drops on her.

Is this not the best shot of all the girls? Too bad Morgan was too busy playing in the water to have her picture taken with Shammy!

This is my cousin Karen's little girl Breanna (so on the geneology chart she would qualify as my 2nd cousin)-is she not the cutest thing? She was hard at work on her experiment for quite some time! It looked good whatever it was! :) *There was a little geneology confusion on my dad's side of the family so I was just clearing that up for them-love you Dee-Dee!

And this is Rayna (also my 2nd cousin)-the cutest red head I've ever seen! She was busy climbing most of the time but I did snap this shot of her when she was in the sandbox.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bozeman or Bust!!

Well you could say that has been our moto for the last 4 days-BOZEMAN OR BUST!!!! Bryan accepted the job with the Montana State Bobcats to be the running backs coach on June 8th! Happy 7th anniversary to us! And it has been pedal to the metal ever since. Bryan and I dropped off the girls at Grandma and Grandpa Tutu's house on Tuesday night and we left at 5:15AM on Wednesday morning to Bozeman in search for dwellings!

We have had nothing but good fortune since we arrived-we found a great 4+ bedroom house and a car for Bryan to get around in-it's even Bobcat colors! We didn't realize that until after the purchase but we were both relieved it wasn't maroon or "he'd a been walkin'!"

Here are a few pics of the house that we found

okay, well maybe just one. The inside isn't very exciting yet-it's still empty, so I will post more pics when we get settled.

So in just 48 hours we found a house (I think we counted seeing over 20!), a car (we test drove 5) and then waited 2 hours at the DMV for temp plates on the one we liked), got a grand tour of the athletic offices (I say "grand" because Bryan couldn't remember where they were, so we got lost and found some other fun things to look at), and took a great scenic walk along the trail system for a great view of all of Bozeman, and our heads aren't even spinning off our shoulders yet! Okay, well mine did a couple of times, but luckily Bryan was standing right there so I didn't completely loose it.

This was a view of the south part of town-gorgeous!

And this was west...I I can't remember-my head may have started spinning from the shear beauty of it all. I will give a full report when I'm stable!