Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo op

Well, we got all decked out in our "Black Friday" best and headed out for some picture taking. It was Skylar's 2nd birthday, so what better time to get a new family picture done. Bryan's parents and grandmother were here as well, so we snapped a few with them too. I think we have a few choices for this year's Christmas card!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bobcats and Bumblebees

Saturday was not only Halloween, but it was also a home game for us. So, naturally we got the girls dressed up in their costumes and headed to the game. Well, during the 4th quarter Morgan was on TV!!!!! The game was aired on Altitude TV Network and the announcers spotted a bobcat in the stands and were admiring her awesome costume! Bryan's team's mascot is the Bobcats, in case you missed that tidbit. She was a huge hit and the grandmas and grandpas and a few neighbors saw her on TV. It was definately one of the hightlights to our day!

How could you not want that adorable face on your television screen? She was pretty excited and was waving her hands around in the air.

And there is certainly not a cuter bumblebee buzzin' around this town. And the costumes were perfect for the game-the hoods kept them nice and warm.

After the game we had a little Halloween party in one of the meeting rooms at the athletic office. One of the other coaches' kids was a monkey-borrowed from our stash. Which is the costume that Morgan was last year. Grandma Tutu is one crafty lady! And famous now!

No party is complete without a pinata! All the kids had a great time swinging away at the witch's face.

Here is a great shot of all the kiddos and their daddies.

And a great group shot of all of us.

Preschool Party!

Morgan had a Halloween Party at her preschool last week and it was so much fun. We did all kinds of games, the kiddos got lots of fun treats and prizes and it was a great time had by all. I was a volunteer, which meant that Skylar got to participate in the festivities as well. And as with dance class she is always on her best behavior around the older kids. It is exhausting, however, so she followed that up with a 4 hour nap!

Morgan was a bobcat for Halloween and she was a huge hit! Grandma Tutu made her costume and Morgan came up with the idea all on her own. She was especially excited to have the cute kitty nose and whiskers on. The preschool room was a little warm that day, so the hood didn't stay on long.

Skylar bug was suitably a bumblebee this year. She looked so cute! She thought she needed to have makeup on her face too, so we gave her a little nose, which wore off almost instantly. Skylar had a great time playing with all of the preschool stuff. This was a giant bucket of rice that Morgan's teacher had dyed orange for the special occassion.

Who says a bumblebee, Scooby Doo, and a poodle can't play play-doh at the same table?

Morgan's teacher had lots of fun things for the kids to do with pumpkins. They did some pumpkin investigations and this pumpkin was full of holes. The kids got to hammer golf tees into it with a hammer. They thought that was pretty cool.

Skylar LOVES babies! Real and pretend. She isn't picky. She spotted this one in one of the playrooms and immediately knew she needed to be held and fed. So she climbed up on the chair and gave her new baby a bottle and a good burping (or lashing). What a good little mommy she is.

The girls had a fun day and I had a toddler hangover. It is safe to say I would not make a very good preschool teacher. And I admire those that are!