Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, we have just been staying busy and having a great time! The girls are growing up so fast and doing so many new things.

Morgan is just sassy as ever and having fun bossing her sister around. She is discovering the "magic" making toys miraculously dissappear. She will take a toy away from Skylar and hide it in the couch and say, "It disappeared! It's magic!" And she now works out of our home. I think she is a little jealous that daddy's work is taking time away from playtime, so tonight when Bryan was getting ready to go back to the office she said, "I am going to my office, I'll be back later." It was so cute! There are so many more things, but those are the latest that I can remember right this second.

Do you remember Shera? She had gotten this sticker at the doctor and when she stuck it on her head it so reminded me of that show from the 80's!

Skylar is doing great too! She is like days away from wlaking I think. She is getting pretty brave and trying to let go of stuff to take independent steps. She is yakin' up a storm and we swear that she said "bear" the other day. She is into everything and especially loving me phone. She has now learned how to open it and "type" on the keyboard. Her and Morgan are great friends and enjoy each other's company...At least I think. Skylar is a little vulture-she will just follow Morgan around as she eats and as soon as Morgan let's something fall Skylar is off like a shot to pick it up and toss it in her mouth. Cheerios, raisins, you name it!

And they have also started practicing their duet

Monday, September 15, 2008

Now I know my ABC's

Morgan has conquered the ABC's-and actually has for a few months now, but I just took a picture in front of her Leap Frog alphabet so I thought I would share with you all. For a while she would skip a letter here and there and it was "j-k-l-monkey" which was really cute, but she knows them all and loves to sing the song.
Hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a great weekend beating North Dakota State at home (celebrating with some Bison burgers Saturday night for dinner) and now it is out to BYU to meet up with the cougars.
Here are a few more pictures I thought I would share as well. This one cracks me up with her tongue hangin' out.
This one was taken a couple of weeks ago when her eye was finally starting to look better. You can kind of tell it is still swollen and puffy, but only because I just told you.
"Look Mom, a leaf! And if you don't come over here and take it from me soon you are going to be doing another fingure swipe in the back of my throat when I try and eat this!" Yeah, she is famous for that. And Morgan NEVER put stuff in her mouth, so I never think about it. Thus we do a lot of fingure swipping. And also why there is a new rule that Morgan can no longer have snacks anywhere but the kitchen table. Skylar just snatches food from Morgan and then tries to eat it. Yesturday was yogurt raisins-perfect for lodging into the back of her throat-new rule just started yesturday!