Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's up?!!

Well, we have been busy busy around here! We have been riding horses, visiting with family and friends and all together soaking in all of the time we have here while it lasts! Skylar got pretty sick last week, but is definately back to her old self. Here are few recent pictures:
Morgan was VERY unsure of the horses when we first arrived at "The Ranch" but has warmed up quite nicely and looks forward to the warm mornings so she can help feed and clean stalls with daddy. Morgan loves the horses, but she does have a line that she will not cross and the is the threshold into the barn. We finally asked her why she wouldn't go into the barn and she replied, "It's too stinky in there." So for now she does all of the outside chores...

No! We are NOT subjecting our daughter to illegal activity! HAHA! She had an ear infection and asthma or bronchitis (they are not sure until it happens again) so she had to do some nebulizer treatments for a few days but she is definately back on her feet.

Morgan and Skylar got some special new toys from Daddy for Valentines Day and they LOVE them. They got an airplane and a turtle scooter to ride around the house (and outside when its warm enough). And Skylar's new fetish is things on her head-she loves to have stuff on her head these days-even over her eyes, which typically ends in tears from running into something. As you can see she is just as happy as a clam with her new ride.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A funny thing happened...

So there we were in the car on our way home from dinner. We were in the middle of nothing surrounded by dirt roads and tumbleweed when a voice from the back panics the words, "pee pee on the potty! Pee pee on the potty!" And while Morgan is potty trained (woohoo) it is not something she is particularly seasoned at. In other words-she can't hold it for long!!! So Bryan and I exchange a quick look and there is only one thing to do-pullover. So we find a quiet dirt road and throw the Burb in park. Morgan surveys the area and says, "I'm not peeing in a tree!"
After a little coaxing and calming she did it. She peed in a tree sqat and all. Our first wilderness experience. We survived and from now on we always P B 4 we go! No pictures though. I will spare you that!

Children's Museum of Denver

We got to spend yesterday at the Children's Museum in Denver with our good friends Casey, Shannon and Regan. Morgan and Skylar were so glad to see their good buddy Regan and they had a great day playing together.
Casey pointed out that the girls had on the same jeans so now they are "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."
This was after a round of ring around the rosie, they fell down-on top of each other-so then they had to console. After lunch we went to the outside park at the Museum because it was sooooo beautiful outside. Morgan loved playing in the "Goodship Lollipop."
Skylar LOVED playing outside! She ran and ran and tried climbing up the slide. Morgan on the ATV Morgan seriously enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!
This is Morgan and Regan planning their attack on the parents. Moments later the meltdown...