Monday, March 31, 2008

We've Gone No Binkie!

WooHoo! Morgan hasn't had a binkie since Thursday and she is doing so well! She cried the first 15 minutes and when we put her down for bed on Thursday night and hasn't cried since! So Exciting! There are a few side effects-she has terribly chapped lips and really stinky breath! We are just hoping that sucking on the binkie for so long didn't cause that. Well, we know it caused the chapped lips because she isn't slobbering like a rabid chipmunk anymore so her lips are all dried out, but hoping that it didn't give her bad breath. Trying to brush a toddlers teeth is bad enough, try getting in there to her tongue. I don't think so-I don't care how slick you think you are!

So here's the scoop:

We were going to take the binkie away when she turned 2, but when she got up from her nap on Thursday I was telling her about it and she said, "" Being the quick thinker I am I said, "ok-grab those binkies and let's put them in the trash!" Well, how exciting it was-she loves being mommies little helper and throwing things away-until she realized that was her most prized possession! Well, I couldn't turn back now, and so, as Grandpa Tutu would say, " the life lesson of the week is be careful what you ask for." Plus it was a good time because none of the grandparents had any scheduled visits any time soon so they couldn't spoil all that hard work and cave in to her while mommy and daddy weren't looking! They would never...

The saddest thing was daddy having to listen to her that night over the monitor, "binkie...please? Binkie...PLEASE! PLEASE!" Oh, how pitiful! Glad I wasn't home! That was well planned for not having thought out any of it!

Little Bunny FooFoo...

"Little Bunny Foo Foo I don't want to see you picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head!" That song just came to mind when I saw Skylar in the bunny ears!

Well, today Skylar got a go at rice ceral for the first time and really wasn't sure of any of it. By the end she was trying to get some in her tummy, but was getting more frustrated than anything so we will roll up our sleeves (literally) and try again tomorrow. We aren't too worried-as you can see we don't miss too many meals around here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Hair Cut!

Well, Mommy took Morgan to get her very first haircut! And we did it in style and let me just say that I was quite nervous taking her as I have only heard horror stories of parents having to hold their children's heads while they scream and thrash about. Oh, no! Not Morgan. She lived it up. With licorice in hand and an animal cape she was ready to go! And Aunt Lacey got to do the honors! That definately made everything okay!

We even took time to do it right with a little gossip and laughing. Does my girl know how to go to the salon for a pampering or what? And let's not leave this without saying that she is her father's daughter! Totally checking herself out (her "booty" as she calls it) in the mirror and lovin' every minute of it!

Thanks Aunt Lacey!! We love you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Week

Well, we took the girls to the park-the weather was much nicer in Denver then where we live-and they had lots of fun. Skylar enjoyed a bit of fresh air from the lime green stroller-and Morgan had so much fun with her Shammy swinging and going down the slide. She also had lots of fun playing with her cousins too. That stroller is seriously the coolest thing I have right now and saved us on our trip more than once. You can fit both kids in there-stadium seating-and turns on a dime! You can also see this particular color from google earth I'm certain!
We also went to the butterfly pavillion and visiting all of the grandparents too! It was a really busy week and by Saturday Morgan wanted to go home...

She kept saying, "home now. Home now." Nothing is just said once. Everything has to be repeated over and over again! Well, we finally got to come home, but not before a little Easter egg hunt!

Fortunately (or unfortunately for Morgan) she had given up on Mommy and Daddy's shenanigans (sp?) and willingly wore the bunny ears for the duration of the egg hunt. She was seriously pooped, but had a great time!

And here is just a cute shot of Morgan wanting to hold Skylar and give her a kiss. Would be a great picture, but Skylar took that precious moment to get that little air bubble out of her belly and urped all over herself. Maybe if I get a little bit more educated I can photoshop that right out of there and it will be a forever keepsake!

Hope everyone else enjoyed there Easter holiday! Back to work!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brace Yourself!

This is what my poor daughter has to do until the weather gets nice! We just sit in the Jeep in the garage and fantasize about days where the temperature is above oh, 35 and the wind is blowing less then oh, 35!! LOL! Anyway-she is loving her new Jeep-THANKS Aunt Colleen! Bryan charged this baby up and it is ready and waiting to tear up the streets this summer!

And as for Skylar she is just grabbing a hold of anything she can get her hands on! All of a sudden she has really tapped into the eye-hand coordination and is reaching for toys and necklaces and earrings! She is growing so fast!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few More

These are some family portrait shots that I included in Skylar's scrapbook as well. Darn it if that flash wasn't in the way...but I just didn't feel like messing with it, so deal! Anyway hope you like them!

Ok-Here are a few more! This first one is a bunch of cards I received from friends and family. I made a pocket page so that I could have them layered in two different pockets. The second one is the birth story-I am sure she will be thrilled to read that in a few years!

crop pictures

Well, this last Saturday a group of gals-we like to call ourselves the "Happy Scrappers" got together at a local church and did lots and lots and lots of scrapbooking! I got a lot done and these are just a few pages I thought I would share. Hopefully I can get more in here soon! It was interesting trying to find some of this information for "The Year I Was Born" pages, but I managed to find everything I needed! Gotta love "Google" searches! And I think that I am doing quite well-my daughter is only 3 months onld and I have already started her scrapbook! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Prayer and Potty!

Well, yesturday we had a very busy day! And no we are not yet praying that Morgan is potty trained-she isn't even two yet!
I sat Morgan down at the table for lunch and without even saying anything she folded her hands together, put her head down, closed her eyes and mumbled a little something in "Morganese" and then looked up with a smile and said, "Amen!" It was soooo cute!
Then, yesturday afternoon I brought her potty seat up because she has been asking about sitting on the potty. Well, after sitting on it for about 30 minutes she got up and there was peepee in the potty! She also had a ring around her butt, but that is a whole other story! Well, we did the potty dance and then she got to play on the "puter" (computer). Her new favorite thing to do! She loves to count on Sesame Street with Elmo and Zoe!
So Fun!
This is my new favorite game! I am addicted! And I didn't do too bad! I didn't do that great either, but it is still fun~!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A few Pictures of the weekend

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend. Skylar just celebrated her 3 month birthday and Miss Morgan is livin' the good life in her cowgirl hat. "Yee Haw" she says every time she puts it on.

Skylar is doing great-growing quickly, smiling ALL the time and talking like cooing like crazy-her favorite time being about 6:30 am as of late.

Morgan is saying new words everyday and quickly learning her ABC's. She gets to "q-r-s," skips a few " I know my A-B-C's next time..." She is counting to 13 and knows all of her shapes! As we speak she wants to go "shopping." Not sure where that is coming from but I am sure that I have NOTHING to do with it!