Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some of our Colorado Trip

We had the best 2 1/2 weeks ever! The girls had a blast, I had a blast and I hope everyone we saw enjoyed our company too. It was a long trip, but we had so much fun the time just flew by!!
We headed up to Red Rocks one Saturday for an awesome burnin' workout with Jumpin' Joe! Whew! What a fun time and the best landscape anyone could ask for! Perfect!

After 2 hours of extreme fitness in the foothills of Colorado we still had smiles on our faces...

We spent a few days at Grandma and Papa's house and the girls LOVED riding Hugs! Skylar was ready to saddle up and ride this time. Last time she was a little more hesitant, but there was no stopping this cowgirl! She could have done this all day if Papa would have let her!

Morgan loved it too! Hugs is such a sweet horse and Cowboy Dick and Papa were so nice to let the girls ride. They haven't stopped talking about it yet and they can't wait to go back and get back up on that horse!

The girls are anxious to do their "chores." Chores were fun to them. Morgan and Skylar went out every morning and helped Papa feed the horses their hay and grain. We skipped cleaning the stalls this summer, but maybe next summer we will get them a pair of boots and let 'em loose in there to really get their hands dirty. Until then, Skylar will put on her best dress and lipstick for the occassion...

We headed up to Greeley one Saturday for the UNC alumni match. All of my former teammates were there and some of us met up early at a local park to meet all the kiddos and enjoy a little slower pace before the festivities began. What an amazing day it was! It was so much fun meeting all the kiddos, playing at the park, getting to know the husbands a little more and just all-in-all catching up on life with my girls. It was truly heartwarming and fun!

Jessica, Kelly, Teale, Me, Cara and Kara soaking in some love!

All of the alumnus after the game. What a fun experience! I hope I get to do this again some day!

The best ending to the day is that we all managed to WALK out of the gym on our own free will. No one was injured-not even our egos. We played great and had even more fun!

One of our last nights in Colorado we spent at Coors Field watching the Rockies beat the Braves 5-4. It was fun to go watch my Rockies in action and the girls loved it too!