Thursday, January 13, 2011


We started out November with our wives trip. Always lots of fun and a nice time to get together with all of the other football wives and talk about, well, adult things. Our kids aren't with us and it is always fun to act like adults. Most of the time we end up acting like kids though.
They had these cool picnic tables that could swing on the FIU campus, so we sat there and visited with each other while we waited for game time. THis is one side of the table.

And this was the other side. Such a great group of women. I am so happy they are all in my life!

Morgan's class decorated shirts for their Thanksgiving feast at school. Happy Fall ya'll!

I, of course, had to make Skylar a shirt to wear for the Thanksgiving feast and spent WAY too long making it. But was pretty cute, so it was worth it. And maybe it will fit her again next year, so I won't have to make another one? Here's to hoping...but I'm not holding my breath.

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