Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well, this is what happens when you are 3 months behind on blog posts. You have to cram a whole month into one post and do very little explaining. Sorry, but here are some of the pictures from our October adventures.
We visited the pumpkin patch with Morgan's classroom. Lots of fun! It was much warmer than it has been for us in the past, which was nice! We are usually bundled up in hats mittens, and our winter coats, so this was a nice change.
This year we were in shorts!!
Can't wait to compare her to next year and see how much she has grown!
Skylar too...

Bryan had a game on the 30th, so there was trick or treating for the kids through the tailgate area. The girls had lot of fun with all their friends dressing up and of course seeing Ace. Morgan was plenty warm in her costume! These costumes were great when we lived in the Rockies, but they are a little warm for the south. Tutu is so wonderful to make all these costumes-and she always does such a wonderful job!

We went to a Halloween party at the Athletic club that morning and got even MORE candy! Oh goody! The girls had fun!

And Morgan won 2nd place with her "Kung Fu Panda" costume!

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